Avra Apartments


Avra Apartments

It is a new apartment complex located near the town of Lefkada and five minutes from the city center.

The apartment complex “Avra Apartments” is located in Kalligoni of Lefkada, 1.5 km from the town of Lefkada and 2.5 km from the famous beach of Agios Ioannis.

Exquisite Escape Awaits

Our standard airport room offers a cozy and inviting space, perfect for the solo traveler or couples on a short layover. Relax in comfort, enjoy modern amenities, and rejuvenate for your onward journey.

We understand the importance of accessibility. Our strategically located airport rooms offer quick and easy access to the terminals, allowing you to travel to and from the airport with minimal stress. Arrive or depart feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Excellent apartments

Only 5 minutes from the city center



Lefkada is an island of the Ionian Sea and belongs to the island complex of Eptanisa. It lies between the islands of Corfu and Kefalonia. It is very close to the shores of the western mainland of Greece. Only a small strip of sea separates the island from Akarnania and a fifty meter floating bridge connects them.

A Variety of Treatments

Spa &Wellness

Step into our soothing and harmonious space, carefully designed to create an atmosphere of pure tranquility. Soft lighting, calming music, and aromatic scents set the stage for a peaceful and rejuvenating spa journey.

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